Welcome to Sprout Online,

Here at Sprout we know how important it is, now more than ever, for our students to keep moving, learning, connecting with like-minded friends and having fun! During this strange and trying time we have had to adapt rapidly to be able to continue to deliver for our students and are super excited to present SPROUT online!

New students who normally are unable to attend class times are welcome!

Price: $200 per term including all singing, dancing and acting content for your age group. $50 per additional family member (e.g. 2 students from one family = $250 total). We understand that some families have been affected more drastically financially so are happy to offer a further discount if required- just ask!

Note- video content may not be quite as long as normal classes to allow for students to pause and rewatch things as they are learning or to complete tasks set as they normally do in class.

How it works

Students will be added to class specific group chats in WhatsApp where class content videos will be sent out, students can interact, ask questions and upload content.

Step One:

Submit the registration form at the bottom of this page.

Step Two:

Download WhatsApp on your phone from the App Store and make an account. Make sure you use the phone number you entered in your enrolment form. You can then either access from your phone or download WhatsApp to a computer and use it there (you will need to create your account on a phone first though). There doesn’t seem to be a WhatsApp tablet app but it can be accessed through the browser on a tablet easily.

Step Three:

We will add you on WhatsApp with the phone number provided in your enrolment form and you will be added to groups specific to your classes- Each class will have three chat groups within WhatsApp:

  1. Class Content: Where I will post class videos each week for students to watch and follow along.
  2. Questions/ Discussion: Where students can ask questions and discuss class activities.
  3. Weekly Challenges: Where students can upload their own videos or pictures completing optional weekly challenges set in class videos.

Registration Form

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